WIPocolypse projects continued

Of course I forgot to charge my cell phone today… so I can’t show pictures of my WIPocoplypse updates 😦 However, I already have my first finish of the year. The finished piece is Michael Powell’s Lighthouse #3. To be honest though all I had left was the backstitching which went very quickly. I have been working on Love Letters- Celtic by Ink Circles. I started it on January 3rd and hope to finish it within a few days. I am loving the project and the fabric is gorgeous. I have not made any changes to it.

So about my WIPocolypse and stitching. Life is crazy right now and I haven’t done any serious stitching for months. I am using this SAL as a way to get me stitching again…because lets face it, I am a much better person when I relax and stitch for a bit. So I am not declaring my list ahead of time and I might even start new projects. I will, however, stitch from my stash. I have plenty of fabric, charts, and various skiens of floss to keep me busy for years. Also, many of my WIPs are just to complicated for my overtaxed brain right now. I attempted to work on TW’s Princess and the Dragon the other evening and I just kinda stared at for a few minutes before giving up.

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WIPocalypse 2012

Hi, this is HasturTorres. It has been so long since I blogged that I can not remember my email accounts or passwords associated with my blog For thenLove of the X on blogspot. As a result I am starting a new blog.

My WIPocaplyse list is as follows:

Light House number 3 – Michael Powell
Quacksworth – Ink Circles
Autumn Fairy – Teresa Wentzler

I will add more over the next few days.

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