This is a work in progress. I suspect that I have at least three times the charts/kits now. I also had to admit recently my spouse that I have become SABLE. of course that does not stop me from acquiring more and more stash. It is everywhere… in the study, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, my back pack, my black purse, my green purse, and my car. Sigh. I ran out of room for all my silk floss so some of it is now stored with the cotton floss. So much stash.


Chatelaine- Mini Mandala Gardens Set 1 number 3 Started Sept 1, 2006
Dracolair-Red Dragon Bookmark Started April 7, 2006
Dragon Dreams- Messy but mine- Started August 30, 2006
Janlynn-Olde World Map Started August 24, 2006
TW- Rose Tree in Bloom – started some time in summer of 2006
Teresa Wentzler- The Princess and The Dragon August 2007
Dinky Dyes- Shiraz Sampler- Started May 2008

1. Art Stitch- Iris Pair
Arti Stitch- Peacock Stained Glass
Art Stitch- Plum and Gold
Black Swan- Avatar
5. Black Swan-Dragon Stocking
Calico Crossroads- Chicky Bulb
Calico Crossroads- Elegant Iris
Calico Crossroads- Lazy People
Calico Crossroads- Love
10. Cat’s Whiskers- Cherry Blossom Spring
Chatelaine- Evening in the Park
Chatelaine- Mini Mandala Gardens Set 1 number 1
Chatelaine- Mini Mandala Gardens Set 1 number 2
15. Couchman Creations- Green Sea Turtle
Couchman Creations- Spring Time
Dimples Designs-Bee Collection
Dimples Designs- The Himalayan Blue Poppy
Dimples Designs- Japanese Anemone
Dimples Designs- La Epoque Nouveau
20. Dimples Designs- The Precious Wentletrap
Dimples Designs- Purple Wanna Bee
Dimples Designs- Shall We Dance
Dimples Designs- Twilight of the Tsar
25.Dimples Designs- Wee Beasties Part 7
Dinky Dyes- From the Ashes
Dinky Dyes- Southern Stars
Dragon Dreams- Castle of the Mist Bullpell
Dragon Dreams- Celestial Wings
Dragon Dreams- A Dragon’s Garden
Dragon Dreams- Child of Mine
35. Dragon Dreams- Dream Sampler
Dragon Dreams- Gemstone Dragon
Dragon Dreams- Kingdom Sampler
Dragon Dreams- Little Red Dragonlet
40. Dragon Dreams- Moonlight Guardian
Dragon Dreams- Never too big to Believe
Dragon Dreams- Never too Old
Dragon Dreams- Not Forgotten
Dragon Dreams- Once Upon a Castle
45.Dragon Dreams- Time I spend stitching
Dragon Dreams- Sleeping Dragon Sampler
Dragon Dreams- Storm Bringer
Dragon Dreams- Why Hoarde Gold?
Enchanting Lair- Believe
50. Enchanting Lair- The Brat
Enchanting Lair- Gargoyle 2
Enchanting Lair- Gargoyle the Kiss
Enchanting Lair- To My Other Mother
Enchanting Lair- Queen’s Rule
55. Enchanting Lair- Spring Break
Fanta Cat Designs- Lord Melton
Graphworks International- Morning at Swan Lake
Jeanette Crew- Omnibook in the Wild
Jeanette Crew- Wild and Weird
60. Jeanette Crew- 65 Frogs
Lavendar and Lace- Celtic Noel
Lavendar and Lace- Celtic Spring
Lavendar and Lace- Firefly Faires
Lavendar and Lace- Angel
Northern Pine Designs- Snowflake
Sandra Parlow- Frog Wild
Silver Lining- tour des Marques
Something in Common- Cabin Fever
70. Sue Hill Designs- Wedding Day
Stoney Creek- Flights of Fancy
TW- Best of Fantasy Collection
TW- Best of Fantasy Collection 2
TW- Brillant Plumage
TW- Four Seasons Faeries
TW- Petities-Unicorn
Valerie Pfeiffer- The Blues
85. Valerie Pfeiffer- Three Little Maids
Valerie Pfeiffer- Three’s a Crowd
Valerie Pfeiffer- Special Branch
X’s and Oh’s- Griffen Kitty

Dimples Designs- Mini Ladybugs 2
Dimples Designs- Mother of Pearl Morpho
Peter Underhill- Marine Creatures
Teresa Wentzler- Footprints
Teresa Wentzler- The Guardian
Teresa Wentzler- The Ministral


Chatelaine- Japanese Octagonal Box
Dimples Designs- Ladybug Collection
Dimples Designs- St. Basil’s Cathedral
Dimples Designs- Wee Beasties 1
Dimples Designs- Wee Beasties 2
Dimples Designs- Wee Beasties 10
Dracolair- Dawn Awakening
Dracolair- Griffon bookmark
Dracolair- Midnight Hunting
Dracolair- Noon Basking
Dragon Dreams- Fairy Tale Sampler
Dragon Dreams- Griffon Welcome
Dragon Dreams- Not Forgotten
Silly Snobs- Tricky Treat Cats
TW- Egyptain Sampler
TW- Autumn Fairy
TW- Dragon Ride
TW- Celestial Dragon
TW- Fantasy Sampler
TW- Fortunate Traveller
TW- Legends of the Dragons
TW- Petites- Castle
TW- Petites-Peacock
TW- The Story Teller
TW- Woodland Faerie


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