Stitching Update

So my attempt at blogging back in 2012 was a dismal failure. So here I am for round two. I actually finished Love Letters and several other projects.

For 2014 I would like to finish:

  1. No Vacancy by Marjolein Bastin
  2. Summer by Bent Creek (Making up the title because the pattern is at work)
  3. Little Snapdragon by Kustom Kraft

I have a ton of other WIPs but frankly if I can get those done I will be so very happy. I am all about stitching what makes me happy right now. Screw all of my WIPs! They can bite me. I am stitching what I want to when I want to (I am so mature…). After all, anytime I set up goals for stitching I fail miserably.

For 2014 I would like to start:

  1.  Turtles All the Way Down by Ink Circles
  2. Boo-ltimore by Ink Circles
  3.  The Smell of Sulfur by Ink Circles
  4. Holiday Magick by Ink Circles
  5.  Love Letters – Art Nouveau by Ink Circles
  6.  Random Ornament 1
  7.  Random Ornament 2
  8. Random Ornament 3
  9. Happy Hunting by Bent Creek
  10. Spells’ Store by The Primitive Hare
  11. What ever I want too!


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